Wippien Service - run it in the background.

WippienService is Wippien-enabled application that runs as a window service. It will keep connection with the server, and allow peer-to-peer connections even while you're not logged on the computer. Similar to MiniVPN, it does not have any chat capabilities, and it assumes you already have account with some Jabber server.

Silently, WippienService will read configuration file stored in the same directory as WippienService.exe that is called WippienService.exe.txt, containing three lines of text - JID, password, and initial mediator. Typically, WippienService.exe.txt will look like this:


In order to install Wippien Service, you must have "big Wippien" installed and account set up, but Wippien should not be running. It is neccessary for big Wippien to be installed only to make sure things are working with it - such as that virtual network adapter exists on the system.
Copy WippienService.exe in some folder, and create WippienService.exe.txt file. Then execute

WippienService /Service

to register service with the system. You can now go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services and setup WippienService to be started automatically when system boots. Or, you can start it whenever you like using

net start WippienService

and stop is using

net stop WippienService

If you decide you want to uninstall it, you should execute command

WippienService /UnregServer

There's nothing more in WippienService to see - it's simple and works...

Download link for WippienService

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