Free VPN for console linux. Currently available as 'beta' version.

You can download current Linux console version of Wippien on the following URL:

You should uncompress (gzip -d wiplinux.tgz) and untar (tar -xvf wiplinux.tar) somewhere on your disk, and make sure both wiptun and wipclnt exist and have execute privileges.

To set up linux version correctly you need to:

1. run "wiptun" with root privileges. You can put it to background if you wish. For each client app that connects it will dump some details for your reference. Root privileges are required in order for TUN adapter to be accessed. If you kill this process, you will no longer allow clients to connect

2. run "wipclnt JID password" command for each client you want to connect (if Password not provided, you will be asked to enter it from the keyboard). Client will connect to XMPP server and obtain IP address, then it will connect to running wiptun instance and pipe all the traffic to virtual network adapter wiptun created.
You can not create new users, or add/remove contacts using Linux version - you should do all of that from "big" Wippien.

You may notice transfer is a bit slow - and that is something that will need to be fixed in near future. However, at this beta stage I am interested in any feedback you can provide of how linux version works.
Source of linux version is available in SVN. Please don't forget that you need wodVPN in order to compile it successfully.

Currently tested on Debian Etch, Fedora 9, Fedora 8.
Kresimir Petric, Croatia
Sjenjak 121 | HR-31000 Osijek

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