Release notes

August 19, 2011, version 2.5.1
* Gmail fix

April 23, 2011, version 2.5.0
* x64 Virtual network driver supported and provided in installation

December 14, 2010, version, 2.4.3
* Fix when received "normal text" message was being ignored

November 14, 2010, version 2.4.2
* Small fix in double-click on the contact to initiate VPN
* MiniVPN and WippienService related changes

November 3, 2010, version 2.4.1
* Fixed duplicate group names when contacts are moved

October 9, 2010, version 2.4.0
* Fixed GMAIL issues where Wippien did not recognize GMAIL peers
as running Wippien

October 18, 2009, version 2.3.2
* MiniVPN fixed to work with Wippien
* Wippien mediator agreement fixed, sometimes on subsequent
reconnections wrong mediator was selected between you and peer

September 17, 2009, version 2.3.1
* Ethernet settings to automatically setup gateway and metric
* Show which mediator is used when attempting to connect peer

August 6, 2009, version 2.3.0
* Accented characters now appear correctly
* Chatroom now shows your own lines too
* UTF8 fix to show text correctly
* Updates languages

July 3, 2009, version 2.2.8
* Chat Window should not dissapear anymore
* ChatRooms should show contacts correctly

April 22, 2009, version 2.2.7
* Voice Chat BETA 1
* Chat window font size fix
* Connection stability fix

March 31, 2009, version 2.2.6
* Language folder is now again in Program Files
* Peers will now reconnect if connection is lost
* Connection should be more stable
* VCard image fix
* Chat window position is now saved
* Chatroom properties save fix, it caused Wippien to disconnect

February 25, 2009, version 2.2.5
* History scrolling fix
* Chat rooms now have 'info' button where you can set up
chatroom details (title, owners, etc..)

February 13, 2009, version 2.2.4
* You can now use any XMPP resource you wish (instead of WippienIM3).
This means you can have multiple logins using same account
just with different resoures (such as Home, Work, Laptop, etc..)
Change them on JID settings page. Note that first change you make
will preserve your IP, after that you will receive new IP
adresses for other resources.
This is cool since on each new installation of Wippien you can
reuse your settings and have same set of contacts, or your
other resources on your contact list

February 11, 2009, version 2.2.3
* OpenVPN network adapter can now be used instead of Wippien's

January 20, 2009, version 2.2.2
* Speed improvement

January 5, 2009, version 2.2.1
* Contacts that are away are now dimmed

December 30, 2008, version 2.2.0
* ARP entries are now defined as static. This should speed up packet exchange
after long inactivity

December 10, 2008, version 2.1.9
* Improved UPNP support, connections should be established more easily
* You are no longer seen on your own contact list

November 12, 2008, version 2.1.8
* Wippien stopped forwarding data after heavy traffic
* Linux console change, now it asks for password if not provided

October 21, 2008, version 2.1.7
* ARP entries are inserted into routing table for each remote IP. This will speed up
the process of resolving remote contacts
(this is also to prepare for Linux version that changes MACs often)

September 5, 2008, version 2.1.6
* Italian and Vietnamese translation added
* Password protected dialog fix (being shown multiple times)

August 20, 2008, version 2.1.5
* Languages moved to user's application data folder
* Multi User Chat fix

August 14, 2008, version 2.1.4
* Interface multilanguage support

August 7, 2008, version 2.1.3
* MUC window now hides on minimize

July 23, 2008, version 2.1.2
* Fixed emoticons list and blue rectangle arround them
* Fixed problem due to many (invalid) mediators appearing on the list
* Right-click tools are now shown only for files that actually exists. This
way we have predefined several more tools in file and
they are shown on your computer only if you have them installed
(such as VNC). We're open for more suggestions on what tools to add
as default
* You can now change your status if you click directly on main form, below IP address
and enter custom text
* Tray notification window now appears on contacts going online/offline
* New Chat Window.. I hope nicer

June 14 , 2008, version 2.1.1
* Fixes problem when chat window dissapears and you cannot open it back

May 20, 2008, version 2.1.0
* Option to disconnect ethernet adapter on exit
(you must reinstall Wippien using our installer to get new version of adapter)

May 2, 2008, version 2.0.8
* Uninstaller doesn't delete all registry keys from [Run] section.
Sorry about this bug ;)
* Sleep/Hibernate doesn't force reconnect, if Wippien wasn't connected
before going to Sleep/Hibernate

April 8, 2008, version 2.0.7
* Groups can now be blocked too

April 4, 2008, version 2.0.6
* Chatrooms will now reopen after Wippien restart

April 1, 2008, version 2.0.5
* Groups are now stored on the server too

March 27, 2008, version 2.0.4
* Few internal fixes

March 6, 2008, version 2.0.3
* Firewall rules can be set in Settings->Network->Firewall
so you can, for example, disable access to your shares,
but leave other services available
* GUI changes

March 4, 2008, version 2.0.2
* Windows 2003 fix
* Activity monitor repositioned when contact's picture not visible
* Option to block user added on authorization dialog

Feb 22, 2008, version 2.0.1
* Mediator is now negotiated between you and other peer
* Fix in SSL wrapper port setting

Jan 24, 2008, version 2.0.0 (BETA)
* This is BETA version of chatrooms. It is released to public since old features are
not changed, but no MUC chat rooms are added - so use them at your own risk
(for gamers...)

Jan 9, 2008, version 1.8.3
* Fix in GMAIL authentication

Jan 3, 2008, version 1.8.2
* Wippien will now survive Jabber disconnect. If you get disconnected from the
servers, established VPN will survive by themselves (if possible)

Jan 1, 2008, version 1.8.1
* IP mediator is obsolete and will not be used anymore. It is replaced by
IP database that can be fetched by HTTP request.
This is far more safer and better way, which doesn't require additional
scripts to be running on the server.

Dec 28, 2007, version 1.7.4
* Upnp support

Dec 13, 2007, version 1.7.3
* Status icons, tray icon and text is now visible at all times

Dec 8, 2007, version 1.7.2
* Adding new accounts fix (green plus icon)

Dec 2, 2007, version 1.7.1
* Wippien will now disconnect on Sleep/Hibernate, and reconnect on system resume
(so there are no ghost connections left on the server)

Dec 1, 2007, version 1.7.0
* XMPP is now staticaly linked too
* Support for XMPP over HTTPS protocol (port 443) for GTALK

Nov 15, 2007, version 1.6.9
* Improvements in connection establishing

Nov 13, 2007, version 1.6.8
* Minimize button now visible when skin is not selected

Nov 6, 2007, version 1.6.7
* XMPP fix, should help with recovering when your network dies and
Wippien's ping doesn't work correctly

Oct 30 2007, version 1.6.6
* Emoticons fix in chat window

Oct 28 2007, version 1.6.5
* Add 'View Release Notes' feature...
* Fix for initial Wippien setup that asked for IP in advance (even if mediator was selected to be used)
* Fix in 'check for updates silently' which was sometimes too silent

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