Software development kit - COM object for outside control of Wippien


You can use "Wippien SDK" to control your instance of Wippien from external application. It is ideal for creating "bots" or "answering machines" software using any development environment that supports COM technology. If you remember that Wippien supports other networks too, such as ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gmail etc.. this gives you pretty powerfull automation tool.

As example, this is VB code that can disable or enable sound in Wippien. Create new VB Form, and add two buttons on it. Paste this code, and then watch Wippien's SOUND button change as you click on buttons in your sample

Dim WithEvents WipSDK As WippienSDK

Private Sub Command1_Click()
WipSDK.Sound = True
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
WipSDK.Sound = False
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set WipSDK = New WippienSDK
End Sub


You can download Wippien SDK from here: Once downloaded, you should place it in SYSTEM32 folder, and then execute
regsvr32 wipsdk.dll
in order to properly register it with the system.


AddContactAdds new contact to the list (remote authorization required).
ChangePasswordChanges Wippien GUI password.
CloseChatWindowCloses user's chat window.
CreateAccountCreates new jabber account.
DieTerminates Wippien
OpenChatWindowOpens user's chat window.
RemoveContactRemoves contact from the list.
SaveSettingsSaves configuration settings.
SendMessageSends message to the user.
UserConnectInitiates VPN connection with the user.
UserConnectIPInitiates VPN connection with the user and specifies IP address.

HostnameDetermines hostname where Wippien connects.
JIDHolds your JID.
MyIPReturns your virtual IP address.
MyNetmaskReturns your virtual netmask.
PortDetermines port where Wippien connects.
SoundDetermines if sound is enabled.
StatusHolds current status.
UserBlockDetermines if user's network packets are blocked.
UserConnectedIPReturns user's real IP when connected.
UserConnectedPortReturns user's real port when connected.
UserCountReturns total number of users on your contact list.
UserEmailHolds user's email.
UserGroupHolds user's group.
UserIPReturns user's virtual IP address.
UserJIDHolds user's JID.
UserPresenceStatusReturns user's presence status.
UserResourceHolds user's resource info.
UserVisibleNameHolds user's nickname/visible name.
UserVPNStatusReturns user's VPN status.
VisibleDetermines if Wippien is visible.

AccountCreatedFires when account creation finishes.
AuthRequestFires when contact requests authorization.
ConnectedFires when Wippien connects to the server
DisconnectedFires when Wippien disconnects from the server.
IncomingMessageFires when new message arrives.
MediatorMessageFires when mediator message arrives.
StatusChangeFires when Wippien's status changes.
UserPresenceChangeFires when user's presence status changes.
UserVPNChangeFires when user's VPN status changes.
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