Main Wippien IP database is located on this URL (append your JID to it):
and provides IP address to peers. It is your choice if you want to have your own manually set IP, or let use provide one (default).

You can always go to Settings ->Network and choose IP by yourself. However, if you plan to work in open environment, you may want to use IP address someone assigned for you.
Even IP is assigned for you, Wippien will connect on each session start to see if his environment has changed.

In order to maintain IP address database by yoursef, following requirements must be met:

1. You must have PHP installed on your web server
   because it is run as small PHP page. Clean and safe approach.... If you want to translate mediator to something else (such as Python or Perl), be my guest.

2. You must have MYSQL installed
   since our script stores information about all IP addresses to simple table.

3. Prepare database
   you should create new MYSQL database on your system. You can name it IPS, and create it using following SQL command:

CREATE TABLE 'peers' (
'IP' int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
'JID' varchar(100) collate utf8_bin NOT NULL default '',
'TIME' int(11) NOT NULL default '0',

4. Download script files
   You can get script file from here: Save it to your web server, and adjust following:

$baseaddr = ip2long(""); // this is class A for IPs
$netmask = ip2long(""); // netmask for class A

and then in function mysql_connect put your MYSQL details
$link = mysql_connect("mysql_server", "mysql_username", "mysql_pass");

At the bottom of mediator file you should put one or more LINK Mediator IPs.

Using different network range than 5.x.x.x
You can specify additional arguments baseaddr and netmask to URL mentioned above, like this:
if you want to use our mediator for your own IP range. Just put your starting address to baseaddr, and put netmask to or and our mediator will perform calculations on those values, and provide them to Wippien.

LINK Mediator performs actual mediation between peers that want to establish connection. If LINK Mediator is unavilable, you will not be able to connect to any peer. It is not important which LINK Mediators are used, it is important that both peers use the same one. You can run LINK Mediator on your own computer if it is accessible by outside peers.

1. Server for LINK Mediator must have public IP address
   this is important because all peers must be able to send UDP packets to your mediator on predefined port (currently we use 8000 for LINK mediator)

You can pick mediator script from PHP, C and VB6 version. Pick one from here:

Here are precompiled binaries - for ones that are not familiar with C++ and compiling, but would gladly run LINK mediator.
If you do run mediator, and would like to share it with others, please send email to with mediator IP and Port and we'll add it to the list.

Having more mediators helps Wippien network being more distributed - so there are no weak links. Download for Windows, or for Linux.

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